WATCH: 'Conservative, pro-life' voter demands Trump explain why he threw vulnerable people 'under the bus' in pandemic
Former Trump 2016 voter Paul Tubiana asks president about COVID-19 response (image via WCVB-BOS).

At President Donald Trump's Pennsylvania town hall, his first question came from Paul Tubiana, a 2016 Trump voter from the Philadelphia area who felt the president had abandoned people like him in the coronavirus pandemic.

"Mr. President, I voted for you in 2016," said Tubiana. "I'm conservative, pro-life and diabetic. I've had to dodge people who don't care about social distancing and wearing face masks. I thought you were doing a good job with the pandemic response until about May 1. Then you took your foot off the gas pedal. Why did you throw vulnerable people like me under the bus?"

"Well, we really didn't, Paul," said Trump. "We've worked very hard on the pandemic. We've worked very hard. It came off from China, they should have never let it happen. And if you look at what we've done with ventilators and now frankly with vaccines, we're very close to having a vaccine. If you want to know the truth, the previous administration would have taken, perhaps years to have a vaccine because of the FDA and all the approvals, and we're within weeks of getting it, you know, could be three weeks, four weeks, but we think we have it, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, great companies and they are very, very close."

Watch below: