WATCH: Larry Kudlow caught faking economic data to make Trump’s economy look stable
Larry Kudlow appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Trade and economic adviser to President Donald Trump Larry Kudlow stepped into the press conference Wednesday to try and invent economic numbers that made his presidency look better than it actually is.

For weeks, Kudlow has claimed a "V-shaped" recovery was happening, but with 30 million Americans still out of work and evictions still moving forward despite the holds Trump claimed he placed on it, the economy is only looking good for wealthy people.

Kudlow trotted out a chart showing the people in poverty under former President Barack Obama and how it has changed under Trump. The problem, however, is that the chart only showed what life was like before Trump's failed response to COVID-19 destroyed the country.

“What’s the number post-pandemic?” a reporter could be heard shouting out to Kudlow.

“Well, we’ll have to wait and see on that,” Kudlow said. “This stuff just came out.”

“I’d just like accurate information,” the reporter clapped back.

“This is the accurate information,” Kudlow swore, despite lacking updated information. He went on to claim that there's "more work to do," but refused to show the facts about where the country is in 2020.

Another reporter asked Kudlow how many Americans were in poverty as of Sept. 2020.

“That won’t be reported," he answered. "I can only wait until the Census Bureau — I don’t know if you cover this beat or not."

“The number of Americans living in poverty right now. Do you happen to know that answer?” a reporter asked.

“No,” Kudlow said flatly, but the reporter persisted.

“If you’ll just stop nitpicking and let me explain to you," Kudlow snapped.

It devolved from there with Kudlow still refusing to reveal updated poverty numbers for Americans after the pandemic. So, there's no real way of knowing the extent to which Americans have plunged into poverty in 2020. From the soaring numbers about unemployment, debt and other financial indicators, Americans aren't in a great place. No wonder Kudlow wants to hide it before the election.