WATCH: Trump refuses to call out Putin for poisoning of political opponent
Kremlin photo of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump on Monday continued to demonstrate his subservience to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Who do you think poisoned Alexei Navalny in Russia?" a reporter asked Trump as he was departing the White House for a campaign rally in Swanton, Ohio.

"Uh," Trump replied. "We'll talk about that at another time."

"On Wednesday, the German government confirmed the doctors’ fears: Mr. Navalny, 44, had been poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent from the Novichok family, a potent class of chemical weapon developed by the Soviet Union that was used at least once before in recent years in an attack on a Kremlin enemy," The New York Times reported on September 15th. "The Novichok revelation, which the German government said was based on “unequivocal evidence,” provided the strongest indication yet that the Kremlin, which has denied involvement, was behind the poisoning, as Western intelligence agencies have assessed that only the Russian government would likely have access to such a dangerous weapon."

Trump has repeatedly refused to criticize the Russian dictator, who intervened in the 2016 election to help Trump win, according to the U.S. intelligence community.