WATCH: Trump supporter short circuits after CNN proves that he got fooled by a doctored Biden video

A supporter of President Donald Trump on Friday found himself befuddled after a CNN reporter proved to him that he had been fooled by a doctored video of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

During an interview with CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, the Trump supporter claimed that he'd seen a video of Biden falling asleep in the middle of a television news interview.

However, as O'Sullivan showed him, that video had been completely doctored by splicing footage of Biden at a time when he happened to have his eyes closed into a local TV news interview of another guest who had fallen asleep on the set.

After being shown definitive proof that he got fooled, the Trump supporter hemmed and hawed.

"Well, I mean," he said before pausing. "I definitely wouldn't doubt that it would happen."

The Trump supporter then admitted that he "missed" the fact that it was a fake video, but then said that at least he got "a good laugh" out of it.

Watch the video below.