WATCH: Woman physically attacks Native Americans protesting Trump's border wall

A video posted on Instagram this weekend shows a woman attacking members of a Native American tribe who've been participating in an ongoing protest against President Trump's border wall in San Diego County. The video shows the woman yelling obscenities at the group.

“This is my community,” the woman says in the video. “And you guys are disturbing the job” of the wall's construction.

The woman can be seen slapping at least two protesters -- who physically tried to restrain her without hitting back. At one point, the protesters begin singing and chanting.

“Say a prayer for these folks who are disconnected to themselves. Make space for those who are so hurt they act violently. The reason why these incidents happen is because we are so dehumanized in their eyes. And it’s been happening since the beginning of invasion. We stay non violent. We stay in prayer,” the Instagram posts says.

Watch the video below: