Woman charged with threatening to hang man — after her husband hanged Democratic governor in effigy

The wife of a man who hanged Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy outside the Kentucky state Capitol during a Memorial Day protest has been criminally charged after threatening to hang someone, the Cincinnati Inquirer reports.

Patsy Bush, who has claimed membership in the 3 Percenters militia group, was charged with menacing and harassment. She also allegedly shoved a woman during the same incident.

Bush, 55, got into an argument with several people outside Lawrenceburg City Hall on July 6 after a woman petitioned to have a Confederate statue removed from in front of the courthouse, one of whom was 19-year-old Jalen Creth who was wearing a face mask with the words "Black Lives Matter" emblazoned on the front.

"Black Lives Matter, huh?" Bush reportedly said to Creth. "Well you sure do love looking white with your blonde hair."

When Creth called her a racist, he says Bush responded, "Watch your mouth, or I'll hang you."

In a statement about the incident, Bush says she made the threat after Creth threatened to come on her property, but Creth said he "never in a million years mentioned or insinuated" that he made such a statement.

A second criminal complaint says Bush pushed Allison Zeller, who is a friend of Creth's. According to Bush, Zeller pushed her first. In his statement, Creth said he went straight to the police because he "felt threatened for his life."

Bush is scheduled to be arraigned on October 1.