Women accuse prominent evangelical preacher of sexually harassing them for years: report

Multiple women have come forward claiming the late evangelical leader Ravi Zacharias sexually harassed them over a period of time at a Georgia spa he co-owned.

Three women told Christianity Today that Zacharias touched them inappropriately and "masturbated" in front of them while they were employed at the spa. Zacharias died from cancer in May.

The still-operative Ravi Zacharias International Ministries said that it's conducting an investigation into the allegations.

“I felt ashamed. I felt embarrassed,” one woman said. “You have this world-renowned evangelist who is being inappropriate, and I had no idea what to do. He wasn’t just the head of the company. He wasn’t just a CEO. He was a Christian leader.”

The women said Zacharias told them more than once that he needed to masturbate because of the stresses of his ministry.

"He would say he needed it so much and it was good therapy," one woman said.

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