‘A bunch of grifters’: Ronald Reagan’s son slams modern GOP for ‘degrading’ the values it once espoused
Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan (Photos: Screen captures)

Although Ron Reagan, now 62, is the son of the one of the most influential conservatives of the 20th Century — the late President Ronald Reagan — he is an outspoken liberal who is highly critical of President Donald Trump. But Ron Reagan's criticisms of the modern Republican Party go way beyond Trump. And when he was interviewed by CNN's Ana Cabrera on Sunday, October 18, Reagan described the 2020 GOP as a party of "grifters."

Reagan slammed Trump and his Republican allies for using the presidency and the federal government to bring profits to Trump Organization-owned properties at the expense of taxpayers. The liberal pundit and activist, speaking from Seattle, told Cabrera, "We've got a bunch of grifters in the White House. They're treating this as a grift…. They're using the hotels and the golf clubs to profit off the presidency."

Reagan sounded a lot like his sister, Patti Davis — or, for that matter, former Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neill — when he told Cabrera that although he had policy differences with President Reagan, there was no doubt that he conducted himself with dignity during his eight years in the White House. And Ron Reagan lamented that he cannot say the same thing about the Republicans of 2020.

Reagan told Cabrera, "When I think of my father, I think of words like integrity, decency, dignity, honor and patriotism — not nationalism, but patriotism — all of those qualities are in very short supply in this White House. And, frankly, the Republican Party has been complicit in degrading those values."