ABC host confronts Trump adviser with Biden's 14 point lead: 'How can you come back from that kind of deficit?'
George Stephanopoulos speaks to Jason Miller (ABC/screen grab)

Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller on Sunday attacked Democratic candidate Joe Biden for wearing a mask "too often" even though President Donald Trump is hospitalized while recovering from COVID-19.

"We've all seen the rallies without the masks," ABC host George Stephanopoulos told Miller during a Sunday interview. "The Rose Garden event without the masks, President Trump's family refused to wear masks at the debate. And the president seemed pretty proud of that at Tuesday's debate."

Miller replied by attacking Biden.

"You know, I would say that with regard to Joe Biden, I think too often he's used the mask as a prop," Miller said. "Americans want to get life back to normal. That is the driving thing in everyone's lives right now. They want to get life back to normal. You can't just stay hidden in your basement the entire time."

Stephanopoulos went on to note that Trump was struggling in the polls even before he admitted having a COVID-19 infection. A recent Wall Street Journal survey found that Biden had a 14-point lead over Trump.

"How can you come back from that kind of a deficit?" the ABC host asked.

"We did it in 2016," Miller replied. "So clearly these national polls are sometimes inaccurate or they're not sampling the right people. They are not getting the right spreads."

"We feel very good about our positioning," he added. "Pennsylvania is going to be tight, Michigan is going to be tight. The whole upper midwest is what this thing could come down to."

According to Miller, an effort called "Operation MAGA" will bolster the Trump campaign until the president has recovered.

Watch the video below from ABC.