Americans don't want to share a beer with Trump -- he's 'the drunk at the bar' who 'won't shut up': reporter
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

For decades, the cliché among American political journalists about presidential candidates' appeal has been whether they seem like the kind of person with whom you'd want to share a beer.

Veteran Politico reporter Tim Alberta, however, thinks that this analogy will simply not work on President Donald Trump anymore because voters are just so tired of listening to him.

"Americans have been having a beer with Trump for the past four years -- every morning, every afternoon, every evening," Alberta writes. "He has made himself more accessible than any president in history, using the White House as a performance stage and Twitter as a real-time diary for all to read. Like the drunk at the bar, he won’t shut up."

Alberta thinks that Trump's willingness to speak off the cuff may have had some charm four years ago, but by now that charm seems to have worn off significantly.

"Americans are tired of having beers with Trump," he writes. "His own supporters are tired of having beers with Trump. In hundreds of interviews this year with MAGA loyalists, I have noted only a handful in which the person did not, unsolicited, point to the president’s behavior as exhausting and inappropriate."

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