Anderson Cooper mocks Trump as ‘Covita’: ‘Don’t cry for him, just go and get tested’
Image via CNN.

CNN's Anderson Cooper appeared visibly nonplussed by President Donald J. Trump's recent showmanship on the balcony of the White House after his exit from Walter Reed Medical Center. The president immediately took off his mask at the peril of staffers and photographers in close proximity. When asked about the Trump's health and COVID-19 status, doctors used the "HIPAA  said I can't give you that information" excuse, however, the answer seemed relative depending on the question and how it would impact Trump's chances of winning re-election.

Cooper showed the clip wherein the Trump team of doctors stood by the statement, "HIPAA precludes me from going into too much depth. I am not at liberty to discuss" and had his own retort.

"The president does not wish those things to be discussed," Cooper said. "That's what he's talking about when he says HIPAA. The president can clear this up any time by answering these questions or tell his doctor. Sure, but he chose to play a strong man on the balcony. This was last night standing on the balcony. Don't cry for him, just go and get tested, reckless. That's reckless. Returning from Walter Reed last night and the first thing he did was going inside and come into contact with people."

Cooper added, "He told Americans they should not fear the virus that killed more than 210,000 people. They should not let it dominate their lives. Not only because the coronavirus killed more people in this country in this year alone. We also know it is a lie because he said so in February to Bob Woodward."

Watch the video below.