'Attend some of the funerals’: Trump Jr. blasted for calling 1000 COVID-19 deaths each day ‘almost nothing’
Donald Trump Jr. (Screen Grab)

Donald Trump, Jr. is under fire after telling Fox News 1000 coronavirus deaths each day is "almost nothing."

"Give me a break Laura, the reality is this," Trump Jr. told Laura Ingraham Thursday night. "If you look – I put it up on my Instagram a couple days ago 'cause I went through the CDC data 'cause I kept hearing about 'new infections,' but I was like, 'Well, why aren't they talking about deaths?' Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing."

The president's fast-talking son also told Ingraham that Americans attacking Trump White House top coronavirus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas "are truly morons." Atlas is a radiologist who frequently appeared on Fox News pushing erroneous talking points that matched the president's beliefs. He is now inside the White House advancing his deadly "herd immunity" policies that experts warn will lead to an additional 500,000 deaths if the policies are not immediately reversed.

Trump Jr. is not telling the truth. Unlike his Commander-in-Chief father, Americans are not able to be treated with any therapeutic, according to the CDC.

"There are no drugs or other therapeutics presently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent or treat COVID-19."

He also doesn't seem to understand that more infections mean more deaths. And deaths are again increasing.

On Monday coronavirus deaths were 389 – far from "almost nothing." That number nearly tripled to 931 deaths on Tuesday, jumped to 1025 coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, and increased again, as Trump was calling the COVID-19 crisis "almost nothing," to 1049 dead Americans.

Currently the 7-day average is 797 deaths per day.

Americans on social media blasted Trump Jr.