Biden advisers have plans to overwhelm Trump's campaign next week while the president is stuck in quarantine: report
Former Vice President Joe Biden

The 2020 road to the White House just became a bit twistier as Democratic candidate Joe Biden embarks on the final stretch with unprecedented fodder to consider peddling.

First, there's the reality that President Donald J. Trump is in the hospital for complications from COVID-19. It's a definitive role reversal considering Trump mercilessly mocked the former vice president for "hiding" in his basement under isolation throughout the majority of his campaign.

There are only 30 days until Election Day with a record 3.2 million Americans already casting early ballots in 21 states. Biden is preparing to continue his campaign despite the obvious sidelining of Trump's efforts while he convalesces at Walter Reed Medical Center. The electoral map has become wide open - and Biden is the only one traveling.

“There is no reason not to show the country that, yes, you can go about your business — if you do it safely, if you wear masks, if you socially distance,” Biden adviser Anita Dunn told POLITICO. “The vice president has talked about this since March.”

Another Biden adviser who was not authorized to speak for attribution told POLITICO, “It’s harder and harder to see how Trump wins. What’s his argument? Donald Trump did everything to pretend coronavirus didn’t exist. Now there’s no way he can escape it.”

There's also no way to escape the lead Biden appears to be gaining as the imperiled nation enters the last four weeks of Trump's first term as president.

University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald told POLITICO that the 3.2 million ballots cast so far is a record, with Democrats returning ballots at a higher velocity than in prior elections.

“Normally, you don’t see that from Democrats. Normally, it’s Democrats who sit on their ballots and don’t return them as much as Republicans,” McDonald said. “We’ve never seen anything of this scale before.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), a Biden adviser from his home state, added, “This moment reinforces that one candidate listened to the experts, wore masks and drastically scaled back on public appearances. And the other one didn’t. On that stage in Cleveland, I heard President Trump mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask. He’s mocked him for not doing public events, for being appropriately cautious and careful. The consequences are obvious. I take no joy in saying this.”