Biden's allies are split on the best way to amplify Trump's ongoing self-destruction: report
An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that allies of Joe Biden are urging him not to try to salvage the presidential debates, but instead "spike the football," organize a solo town hall, and let President Donald Trump self-destruct.

“If Trump is going to take his football and go home, I say good riddance to bad rubbish,” one former Senate aide to Biden told the Beast. “Joe should spike the football, consider the debates won, and just do a town hall to show that he, unlike Trump, knows how to relate to the concerns of everyday Americans.”

The second debate was canceled after the president, still recovering from COVID-19, refused to take part in a virtual debate, insisting that any matchup be in person.

For now, the Biden campaign is still interested in the third and final debate however, because they are hoping for a repeat of the first debate, where the president talked over everyone, shouted, and paid a huge price in the polls.

"The Biden campaign has publicly committed to participating in every debate sanctioned by the Commission on Presidential Debates, and — barring another presidential conniption over concerns that he could still spread the novel coronavirus — sees participation in the final debate on Oct. 22 as set in stone," reported Scott Bixby. "But the effectiveness of Biden’s replacement town hall could be thwarted by one more programming snafu engineered by the president. On Friday, Variety reported that NBC News is one of many outlets vying to host a town hall headlined by Trump, including Fox News, potentially scheduled for the same evening — although Trump is now potentially holding a rally in an unknown location instead."

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