California man caught on film throwing bag of dog poop at house with Black Lives Matter signs
Image via CBS13 Sacramento.

On Wednesday, CBS13 News Sacramento reported that Anthony Taula-Lieras, a man in Roseville, California captured footage of an unidentified man throwing a bag of dog feces at his house — and he suspects the reason is because of his yard signs in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

"The video, recorded at 3 a.m., first shows an unleashed German Shepard walking by, followed by the dog’s owner who then throws a bag that’s heard landing on the doorstep. Taula-Lieras found it the next morning," reported Steve Large. '[The video shows a man] looking at our house and flinging the dog’s poop right at our door,' Taula-Lieras said. 'It did scare my family.'"

Taula Lieras said that he is willing to forgive the perpetrator, but that he will file a police report if a similar incident happens again.

Watch below: