Chris Wallace throws cold water on Biden smear: 'We would have seen the fruits of that investigation by now'
Chris Wallace appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Thursday warned that Democratic nominee Joe Biden could expose President Donald Trump's "secret" Chinese bank account during the final presidential debate.

While appearing on Fox News, Wallace predicted that Trump will try to attack Biden's son, Hunter, at Thursday's presidential debate.

"It's certainly going to be brought up tonight," Wallace said. "If [debate moderator] Kristen Welker doesn't bring it up -- and I think she will -- the president will bring it up."

Wallace noted that several conservative pundits have cautioned Trump against making the allegations against Hunter Biden the focus of the debate.

"I think the president has to be a little careful," the Fox News host continued. "Because you heard Barack Obama yesterday point out that The New York Times had revealed that Donald Trump has -- not had, but has -- a secret bank in China. And said that, you know, if that had come out when he was president, people would have called him Beijing Barry."

"It seems to me that Biden is going to have something to come back at," he remarked.

Wallace went on to note that the attempt to smear Biden's family may not be based on the truth.

"The question is whether or not he personally benefitted financially," Wallace explained. "Remember that the hard drive [that the computer repair shop] gave to the FBI in December of 2019 -- so about 10-11 months ago -- they've had and one assumes that had Biden taken money from a foreign entity while he was vice president and had he lied because we've seen his tax returns from 2019 that we would have seen the fruits of that investigation by now."

Watch the video below from Fox News.