Claudia Conway claims she’s ‘currently dying’ of COVID-19 as family waits on test results
Claudia Conway -- TikTok screenshot

George and Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia lamented that she is COVID-19 positive after he mother brought the virus home from the super spreader event with Amy Coney Barrett in the Rose Garden last weekend.

The young Conway has been posting on TikTok about how disgusted she is by President Donald Trump and her recent post doesn't disappoint.

“Update my mom has covid,” Claudia Conway said in one post. “im furious (sic). Wear your masks. dont listen to our idiot f**king president piece of s*it. protect yourself and those around you."

She noted that she is not handling the virus as well as the former top White House counselor.

"my mom has no symptoms yet i literally feel like HELL," Claudia said. She noted her symptoms are that her head is pounding, she can't breathe and has fever and chills.

Her father George tweeted that the family was tested but they don't yet have the results so they can't confirm that they have COVID.

George also tweeted that if he comes out positive he wants a t-shirt saying: "I voted for the a--hole malignant narcissist and all I got was this lousy f---ing virus."

Either way here's hoping she and her family recover quickly.

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