CNN's Tapper shreds Fox News' 'hideous' smear of debate moderator because her parents donated to Dems

Both Fox News and the New York Post this week launched a campaign against NBC News' Kristen Welker, who will be serving as the moderator at the final 2020 presidential debate this Thursday.

The Post got the ball rolling when it claimed that Welker had "deep ties" to the Democratic Party because her parents in the past had donated money to Democratic candidates.

Fox News amplified the Post's reporting on Monday by creating a graphic showing how much Welker's parents had given to Democratic presidential candidates including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

CNN's Jake Tapper, however, called B.S. on the attacks against Welker by pointing out that she can't be held accountable for anything her parents do.

"If any other outlet started covering the political donations of *the parents* of folks who work at Fox there would be widespread outrage and rightly so," he wrote on Twitter. "This is hideous and unjournalistic. And another example of how bad actors use standards against those who uphold them."

In a follow-up tweet, Tapper argued that both Fox and the Post "know better" than to launch these sorts of attacks on Welker, but that they "don't care."

"It’s not about truth it’s just about smearing," he wrote.