Confused Trump can't stop talking about the new military 'hydrosonic' toothbrush missile
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally during the House of Representatives impeachment vote. (Max Elram /

President Donald Trump spent some of his time at his Ohio rally Saturday, saying that under his leadership, the military has developed a secret hydrosonic missile.

There's just one problem: Hydrosonic is a toothbrush.

The Hydrosonic Pro is a Curaprox product that boasts "ultra-fine, gentle CUREN® filaments."

Hypersonic missiles are weapons that can travel at 17 times the speed of sound and Navy warships will be outfitted with them. Trump also seems confused about the facts, saying that the missile travels at five times the speed of normal missiles.

Trump, who claims to be smarter than the generals, but has confused the name of the missile during his speech several times while mocking former Vice President Joe Biden for his stuttering and misspeaking.

It appears the only thing a Hydrosonic missile bombs is tartar and plaque in the ongoing war against gingivitis.

See Trump in the video below: