Cop allegedly maces unresponsive Black woman as she lays motionless on the floor

Police in Louisiana are investigating an allegation of excessive force in the wake of an incident that was caught on video at a bar in Mamou Friday night, KATC reports.

According to the woman in the video, she was told to leave a bar that was closing, and was "dancing" on her way out but was thrown to the ground by an officer and maced. Mamou Police Chief Brent Zackery says the woman's description of that happened isn't the whole story.

“She pretty much made herself fall out on the ground but she was actually trying to dance on the officer and they both ended up falling. We were told that when she left with the ambulance, she went to the hospital and actually started cutting up at the hospital,” Zackery added.

“There’s nothing as of now to say about the situation, but it’s an ongoing investigation and I'll have more information to report later on,” says Zackery.

In the video, the woman appears unresponsive as one of the officers brandishes a mace canister. It's not clear if the officer actually maced the woman, however.

Watch the video below: