'Crazy uncle' Trump triggered by Obama -- goes on Breitbart retweeting spree

Former President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail Wednesday in Philadelphia, Penn. in support of his former vice president, Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

"[Trump] hasn't shown any interest in doing the work, or helping anybody but himself and his friends, or treating the presidency, like a reality show that he can use to get attention," Obama said. "And by the way, even then his TV ratings are down. So you know that upsets him. But the thing is this is not a reality show. This is reality, and the rest of us have had to live with the consequences of him, proving himself incapable of taking the job seriously."

During Obama's televised speech, President Donald J. Trump tweeted old stories of his accomplishments as printed per the perspective of Breitbart News.

"Exclusive: Forgotten By Obama-Biden Auto Bailout, Delphi Workers Refuse to Forget What Was Taken from Them (Part One)," started one tweet. Then, "Biden was a disaster on this. All talk and no action. Remember and VOTE!"

Another tweet read, "Multiple Pro-Trump Demonstrations Planned in Cincinnati Area," again, with a link back to Breitbart News.

Then there was this other one: "Pennsylvania Trump Voters Show Passion: ‘He‘s a Man that Wants to Do It All for America' - again, with a link back to Breitbart News.

There was also a tweet about Biden and China, of all things: "WSJ Editorial Board: Joe Biden Must Answer Questions About Hunter Biden and China." Ironic since Trump's Chinese tax returns are all over the news.