Democratic strategist rains hell on Trump apologist for lying that Biden would destroy energy industry
Democratic Strategist Maria Cardona (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Saturday, Republican strategist Brian Robinson tried to claim Joe Biden's pledge to "transition" from oil is a sign he will harm the energy industry — and was promptly swatted down by Democratic counterpart Maria Cardona.

"A gaffe in politics is saying what you really think," said Robinson. "He wants to have a liberal agenda on energy issues. And he's got supportive comments of the Green New Deal on his website. So I do think that it's something we can pin on Democrats, of their lurch to the left of an issue that directly impacts jobs, directly impacts quality of life and the cost of living in our communities."

"The only daylight that we saw during that debate was between a candidate, Vice President Joe Biden, who believes in climate change and has a real plan to make sure that we have a Planet Earth, clean air and water to have when we are older and when our children are grown, and a candidate and a president currently that does not believe in climate change, that thinks it's a hoax, and who wants to sell our earth, our clean water and our clean air to his best friend polluters," shot back Cardona.

"Look, Joe Biden was very clear and his campaign was very clear," added Cardona. "He is not going to get rid of fossil fuels. He is going to phase out the subsidies that fossil fuels get, and he wants to focus on clean, renewable energy. Look, getting to zero emissions is not a new thing. In fact, George Bush talked about it when he was president in 2006. In fact, every president, Republican and Democrat, has talked about it for the last two decades, except, of course, Donald Trump. So the choice is very clear. If you want somebody who believes in climate change and who, frankly, has a plan in terms of going to renewable energies that will create millions of jobs and protect our planet, that's Joe Biden, not Donald Trump."

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