‘Desperate’ Trump ripped as being ‘like a neglected child obsessing over being loved’ after rally meltdown
President Donald Trump speaking during an event in Florida. (Screenshot)

President Donald J. Trump once again harassed Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the campaign trail during his rally for re-election in Green Bay, Wisconsin Friday. With four days until Election Day, Trump appeared to be pulling out his old tricks.

"Omar. Omar is our secret weapon," he told his supporters. "She doesn't love our country, you know? I don't like people that don't love our country."

Ilhan retweeted the mention, saying, "Every freaking rally, seriously this is getting old and reeks of desperation. He is like a neglected child obsessing over being loved. Pathetic."

Watch the video below and scroll through Ilhan's tweet comments to read the responses.