'Each doctor wanted to touch a different part of my body': Trump recalls COVID-19 struggle
Trump Michigan rally (Photo: Screen capture)

In a bizarre moment during his Michigan rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump told tales of his COVID-19 survival, and the doctors who he once claimed were terrific.

Appearing before a crowded group, Trump recalled, "I'm lying in bed, not feeling too great. And I'm looking up, and I see doctors out -- I just -- please will you just leave me alone. And each one of them wanted to touch a different part of my body. And I didn't like that. I said, get the hell outa here, doctors!"

Trump confessed this week that his lungs were "a little bit different," after having the coronavirus. His doctors have refused to release any information about the impact of the virus on Trump or his coronavirus testing timeline.

See Trump's comments below:

See the bizarre moment below: