Emergency room doc deflates Trump's claim: 'Healthy one day, dead a week or two later'

In an opinion piece for The New York Times Wednesday titled, "My patients can't take Trump's advice," emergency room doctor

"My patients are genuinely afraid," wrote Davidson. "That fear didn’t come from CNN or 'fake news.' Nor did it come from Dr. Anthony Fauci. My patients’ fears come from the fact that they can’t breathe."

Davidson continued, "The people who come to my hospital seeking care are largely underserved with underlying conditions. As they struggled and wheezed, they may have thought of their own mortality in the context of the more than 211,000 lives cut short — too many in their prime, healthy one day, dead a week or two later."

Davidson has worked in his small community in rural west Michigan for nearly 20 years.

Following his story, Davidson posted the video below on Twitter, writing, "After a long ER shift where nearly half my patients had alarming #COVID19 signs and symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, high fevers, hypoxia) this is how it feels to see the president triumphantly declare the virus to be no big deal."