'Ending the nightmare': These states could deliver a knockout blow to Trump on election night
Joe Biden, Donald Trump -- Facebook/AFP

President Donald Trump is hoping that the 2020 presidential election once again comes down to the Midwestern battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, all of which are projected to take longer than usual to announce vote totals this year thanks to a massive increase in mail-in ballots.

However, Politico reports that many allies of Democratic nominee Joe Biden are hoping to deliver a knockout blow to the president on election night that means America won't have to wait days to find out who its next president will be.

One state that is projected to have its ballots counted on election night is Ohio, where recent polls show Trump and Biden are running neck and neck and where local Democrats are encouraging the Biden campaign to make a big push.

"In the past, the tipping point was the state that got you the Electoral College victory," Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper explained. "Given what Trump is doing... people see that if you can make the tipping point ending the nightmare before it starts, make that the tipping point."

In addition to Ohio and its 18 electoral votes, other states that Politico says could deliver an election night knockout include Florida (29 votes), North Carolina (15 votes) and Arizona (11 votes).