‘Everybody dies!’: Woman screams while being kicked off flight for refusing mask
Photo: Screen captures

Another incident occurred on a plane where a woman refused to wear a mask.

On an afternoon flight from Belfast to Edinburgh, an EasyJet passenger refused to put on a mask after taking her seat. She was ultimately kicked off the plane, coughing and screaming as she was pulled down the aisle.

"Everybody dies!" She screamed as she was marched down the aisle. She then coughed on the people before screaming again, "everyone dies!"

"F*cking fascist!" she appeared to shout as she exited the plane door.

Several airline companies have decided to issue a ban of people who refuse to wear a mask on their flights. Other airline companies agreed to coordinate with each other so that if an individual is banned from Delta, for example, American Airlines would also ban the person.

Thus far, Delta has banned over 350 people, as of Sept. 22, from flying due to their refusal to wear a mask.

See the video below: