Ex-Bush NSA chief endorses Biden on CNN despite stroke: 'I thought this was America but now I'm not sure'
Michael Hayden (MSNBC)

Gen. Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and NSA under President George W. Bush, told CNN on Wednesday that the United States could be left without allies if President Donald Trump is elected to a second term.

Hayden, who recently suffered a stroke, spoke to CNN after releasing a video endorsing Joe Biden for president.

"I've watched it very closely and I don't think the president does things well at all," Hayden said. "I'm very sad about that but he can't do another term. It would be very, very bad for America."

"For example, talking to the Russians, he doesn't do the things the president should actually do," he continued. "In my second book, before my stroke, I was saying, what is truth to that man? And I think it is not truth at all."

Hayden said that he fears a second Trump win: "American intelligence and a lot more will be gone."

The former intelligence official said that he still talks with our allies, who are wondering about the state of the United States.

"I thought this was America but now I'm not sure," Hayden said, referring to the perspective of U.S. allies. "If it's a second term, I think we will be alone. We will not have any friends at all."

Hayden said that he disagrees with Biden on some issues but he thinks Trump is worse.

"With Trump, I don't know what is going on," Hayden said. "It's really sad for me to say that. Policies will come and go. That's OK. But this is very, very different."

Watch the video below from CNN.