Ex-GOP insider reveals why Republicans still work for Trump -- even though he literally makes them sick
Trump with White House team (Photo: Screen capture)

A longtime GOP insider knows why many Republicans are sticking by President Donald Trump -- even though they secretly hate his guts.

Kurt Bardella, a former spokesperson and senior adviser for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Republicans, writes for USA Today that many Republicans have spent years in a highly tribal political party and have no concept of what it would be like to exist outside that party.

"The majority of people who serve in the Trump administration do so because they are programmed to work for the person with an 'R' next to their name," he writes. "These people have been bred into a system that only views the world in terms of 'Rs' and 'Ds.'"

Bardella, who left the GOP in 2016 after the party nominated Trump for president, then argues that these Republicans should nonetheless get out immediately because Trump's careless handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic has put them and their families at risk.

"To my former Republican colleagues, I ask you, is working for Trump worth your own life or the lives of your spouse, children and loved ones?" he asks. "It doesn’t matter what job you get next, what contract you land, what promotion you’re up for, if you’re dead."