Ex-Obama adviser blasts Trump as a ‘spray-tanned, drugged-up, pitchman for Regeneron’
President Donald Trump speaking in front of the White House on an unspecified day (screengrab).

Former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, David Plouffe couldn't help but knock President Donald Trump's bizarre behavior over the past several months, but especially as he's been facing off against the coronavirus.

Trump tested positive on Thursday of last week, but by Monday declared himself cured, something that is unheard of by doctors who are actually helping those infected with the virus. While it may sound like propaganda out of North Korea, Plouffe said that it is the kind of thing that will kill people. His supporters will believe what he says, make risky decisions and then cause a loss of life.

"I don't think it is helpful for Donald Trump as people are voting and this close to Election Day, this is a discussion of the 25th Amendment and whether he's mentally fit to say in office," said Plouffe to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace. "But the number that matters here is 270. The number of electoral votes. So back to debates, because it's important when you talk about the race."

He went on to explain that after a disastrous first debate, Trump needs another one to try and improve his image.

"So, all three of us have been part of terrible first debates for incumbent presidents," Plouffe continued. "So when you bomb your first debate, as George W. Bush did in '04 and we did in 2012, you want to have another debate to cover your footing and so Donald Trump has to debate. If he doesn't, he's waving a white flag. Because what he needs to do in this race, I don't think he could do. Win all the undecided, pull all the soft voters away from Biden and win the turnout war. He's not going to do it by doing videos on the South Lawn where he's a spray-tan, drugged up, pitchman for Regeneron or through Twitter. He has got to do debates to reach people. And of course, he has to change his routine because he brings that to Zoom, much less a town hall, it is going to be a disaster."

See the video below: