Ex-Obama adviser flattens Trump campaign’s claim he’s now an ‘expert’ on COVID because he had it
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

A former senior adviser to President Barack Obama is taking down the logic by President Donald Trump's campaign that having COVID-19 suddenly makes him the best person to handle the virus.

He has experience now fighting the coronavirus as an individual... Joe Biden doesn’t have that," said Trump campaign spokesperson Erin Perrine in a desperate attempt to spin Trump's infection a positive.

Dan Pfeiffer called the idea absurd, noting it's "like picking your airplane pilot because he has experience crashing."

His followers replied with agreement, saying that it's part of Trump's 2020 reelection campaign philosophy of reelecting him to fix all of the things that he's broken.

Trump has obviously become an expert in contracting COVID-19 by ignoring his own task force rules, while Biden has, thus far, been the expert in not contracting COVID-19 by following CDC guidelines.