Fauci warns Trump campaign: Using me in another campaign ad would be ‘outrageous’ and might ‘backfire’
Anthony Fauci (Screen Grab)

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not pleased the Trump campaign is using a comment he made praising the coronavirus task force and taking it out of context and using it in an ad that makes it look like he's endorsed President Donald Trump, which he has not.

Fauci told CNN's Jake Tapper that he believes the campaign should take down the misleading ads.

"I think it's really unfortunate and really disappointing that they did that – it's so clear that I'm not a political person," Fauci said Monday afternoon. "I have never either directly or indirectly endorsed a political candidate."

The Trump campaign took his statement "completely out of context," Fauci adds.

When asked how he would feel if the Trump campaign did another ad featuring him – which Tapper suggested is in the works – the National Institutes of Health director said it would be "outrageous" – and threatened it "might actually come back to backfire" on them.