Florida Republican backs Biden as polls show ‘embarrassment’ Trump struggling in the pivotal battleground state

The former GOP Majority Leader of the Florida House released a video declaring his support for Joe Biden, calling himself a "Biden Republican."

In the outset of his video, Mike Fasano says he's "never voted for a Democrat for president of the United States."

"...I'm as Republican as it gets -- a conservative Republican," he said. "But Donald Trump is an embarrassment."

Recent polls show Biden with slim lead in Florida.

"Neither party feels they have it locked in, and the candidates and their supporters are looking for every last kernel of support in a state that is seldom a blow-out or an outlier. Had Hillary Clinton flipped 56,456 Trump backers to her cause in 2016, she would have carried the state four years ago," TIME magazine reported this week.

Watch the video below: