Fox News host interrupts Trump adviser for attacking Kristen Welker: 'She's a reporter, not an activist'
Bill Hemmer and Mercedes Schlapp appear on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday called out Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp after she labeled NBC correspondent Kristen Welker as an "activist."

Just hours before the final presidential debate of 2020, Hemmer asked Schlapp if President Donald Trump's strategy is to attack Welker, who is scheduled to moderate the event.

"We'll see what happens," Schlapp replied. "But we know about the moderator. She's a bit of an activist and we want a fair debate."

Hemmer interrupted: "Sorry, she's a reporter. She's not an activist."

"Well, she worked for NBC and she worked for MSNBC, which I would say is not necessarily fair and balanced," Schlapp replied.

"She covers the White House," Hemmer pointed out.

"Yes, she does," Schlapp agreed. "But she's been highly critical of the president."

Watch the video below from Fox News.