'Get him!’ Woman calls 911 after spotting Black man with ‘a brand-new SUV Infinity’

A Black man from Ohio recently found himself under police scrutiny because a woman called 911 to report that he was driving an expensive car that she assumed must have been stolen.

Local news station Cleveland 19 News reports that 35-year-old Philip Evans of Solon, Ohio last week noticed that there was a woman filming him with her phone while he was loading groceries into his car at a Giant Eagle parking lot.

"I’m like: is this lady videoing me, is she taking pictures of me?" Evans recalled to Cleveland 19 News.

While the woman filmed him, she also called 911 and claimed that Evans was behaving suspiciously while putting away his groceries.

"There’s a brand-new SUV Infinity, black, and sitting in the parking lot and the guy kept looking around and looking around loading up his groceries," the woman said. "He’s going real slow. He’s just acting real funny, loaded up the car and he just kept looking around."

The woman also said to the 911 operator that "I hope you get him" just before she hung up the phone.

Police pulled him over shortly afterward, although Evans credited the officers with being professional and doing their jobs.

However, he tells 19 News that there's no reason they should have been called to the scene in the first place.

“I heard the recording and the part at the end where she says ‘I hope you get him,’ that like kind of really, kind of really hurts," he said. "Like what does she want them to get me for? She didn’t see me do anything wrong."