GOP candidate condemned by Marines for her false claim that co-ed training could close a local base
Nancy Mace [Photo: Screen shot from Facebook]

South Carolina Republican congressional candidate Nancy Mace is being criticized for making "outlandish" and "factually inaccurate" claims on the possible closure of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

In a two-page letter obtained by The State Tuesday, five retired Marine officers argue the true threat to the military base in Beaufort County is sea-level rise — not a co-ed training requirement included in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

“To be clear, women are not a threat to the USMC, and Parris Island can easily integrate female recruits into its training program,” the letter reads. “In fact, women have been training on Parris Island for nearly 80 years. Parris Island simply needs funding for a new barracks, which our Congressman and Congressional delegation are committed to providing.”

The letter continued, “Indeed, despite the overblown rhetoric about gender integration, the truth is that Parris Island does face a serious threat to its survival: sea-level rise.”

Watch the video below.