GOP candidate shakes hands with supporters before claiming Trump’s COVID-19 infection was inevitable: ‘That's how viruses work’
Madison Cawthorn (screengrab)

Speaking at a rally in North Carolina just after President Trump announced his coronavirus diagnosis, Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn slammed lockdowns implemented to help stem the spread of the virus, specifically those that affect places of worship, the Citizen Times reports.

“Do we want to decide, ‘Hey, you know, you can tell me when to shut my church down, you can tell me when and where I can worship,’” he said. “Or we can say that, ‘Here in America, we decide to only kneel to Jesus Christ. And we will stand for flag because we are patriotic Americans.’”

After his speech, Cawthorn shook hands and posed for selfies with supporters. He then spoke with the Times, saying that Trump's diagnosis didn't change his opinion about the virus.

"I'm confident that he'll pull through, I really am," Cawthorn said, speaking of Trump. "He knew he's putting himself out there and that there was the potential for him to get it, and you know, I don't think he was expecting to not to get the virus, you know, that's how viruses work."

"Has it changed your approach?" the Times asked.

"No, not really at all," Cawthorn replied. "Yeah, I figured [Trump] would get it eventually."

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