GOP leadership 'reeling' as Trump's re-election campaign collapses due to COVID infections: report

During a segment on her Saturday airing of Weekends with Alex Witt, the host spoke with MSNBC Political Analyst Robert Costa about the current condition of President Donald J. Trump.

"I want to ask you, Robert, to juxtapose that Biden campaign news offered by Yamiche Alcindor to what we know about a simultaneous campaign fundraising email sent out by the Trump campaign that was really a lot different in tone," said Witt. "This came at the same time that President Obama was wishing President Trump well and a speedy recovery on behalf of he and Michelle Obama. Talk about that tone of the campaign email, if you're familiar with that one, that went out at the very same time."

"It was a typical defiant tone from the Trump campaign, but the real story here, Alex, is not that email. It's the Republican party behind the scenes," said Costa. "My GOP sources are reeling because they feel their nominee, campaign manager [Bill Stepien] for the nominee's campaign, the chair of the party, Ronna McDaniel, and a mounting number of lawmakers, including major senators, have all contracted the coronavirus with a month until the election."

Costa continued, "So while the tone of the email may be brash and taking a punch at the Biden campaign, as usual, as you would see from the Trump campaign, this is a GOP that's entirely on edge about their power in the Senate and about how this campaign that is so reliant on the personality of President Trump to carry them in some of these states, how it will move forward if he is suddenly sidelined for the coming few days, maybe even weeks."

Watch the video below.