'He added fuel to the flames of hatred': Pennsylvania women who voted for Trump are fed up — and ready to fire him
Donald Trump at the first 2020 general election debate (screengrab).

On Monday, CNN's Kate Bolduan reported on a number of Pennsylvania women who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 — and are now ready to throw him out of office.

"I am a good example of someone who gotten through a lot of changes the past four years," said Hollie Geitner, a Republican and former Trump supporter, saying that she only voted for the president because he was "funny" and "successful" and now she feels "shamed" to have contributed to the last four years. She added that she will be voting for Joe Biden this time.

"It is not just outside the city where suburban women were questioning their support for Donald Trump. It's also even out here in Westmoreland County, rural Pennsylvania, considered Trump country," said Bolduan, revealing her interview with Joan Smeltzer and Julie Brady, a pair of sisters who voted for Trump and now believe they "did a disservice by voting for this guy," and that the last straw was "the way he handled coronavirus, he did not create the virus but he left us in the dark guessing what's going on. That was not fair." They added that in the George Floyd protests, "he added fuel to flames of hatred."

"The women we spoke to don't speak for every woman voter in Pennsylvania," said Bolduan, but "what they have to say and why shows the uphill battle that Trump is facing in the battleground state. Trump is trailing Joe Biden by 23 points among women in Pennsylvania."

Watch below: