‘I have no fear’: Miles Taylor slams Trump’s ‘intimidation’ after president demanded he be prosecuted
Miles Taylor Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Thursday, former Homeland Security staffer Miles Taylor — newly revealed as the author of the anonymous New York Times op-ed describing a "resistance" movement within the Trump administration — responded to the president's new attacks on him.

"The president says you should be prosecuted," said anchor Chris Cuomo. "Did you anticipate this? Are you concerned about this?"

"Chris, I have no fear of that," said Taylor. "But what I'll say that's more alarming is this president has created a culture of intimidation where people that speak out against him, he threatens to use the power of his office to intimidate them. He tweeted out 'treason.' To the president of the United States, criticism of him is treacherous and subversive ... what's worse, when the whistleblower came out against him, the president made comments like, well, you know, back in the day we used to hang people for things like this. It is chilling to me, and one of the reasons I'm speaking out, that we have a commander in chief that silences dissent not just with bullying but with physical threats, with legal threats to abuse his power. We saw it with Governor Whitmer, the president downplaying the threats to her life."

Taylor also took aim at his former colleagues who aren't willing to come forward and speak out themselves.

"I'll try to avoid naming names, but I got to say, I have former colleagues in that administration who stand by every word I wrote in that book of warning," said Taylor. "Now I see some of those same colleagues refusing to speak truth to power, refusing to stand up to the president and pretending like they also didn't say every day, in private, that they felt like the man was unfit for office. There is going to be a moral reckoning after this administration, and those people are going to have to do some soul searching, but I really hope I'm wrong and I hope behind the scenes they're standing up to the guy, but I'm not seeing that."

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