'It's like Kindergarten': CNN's Anderson Cooper tears into Trump's juvenile attacks on Kamala Harris' name
Image via CNN.

On CNN Monday, anchor Anderson Cooper played clips of President Donald Trump making fun of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and deliberately mispronouncing her name.

"By the way, you know who's further left than Bernie is Kamala," said Trump in the clip. "She's the most liberal senator in America. Kamala. Kamala. Senator Kamala Harris is a sponsor of the Green New Deal, Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris. You pronounce her name wrong, she will go crazy. Kamala, like a comma. You like Kamala?"

"Obviously, not something he's done once or twice," said Cooper. "It's like Kindergarten, remember? When everyone used to make fun of people's names. It happens again and again and again, much like how, to this day, he still emphasizes President Obama's middle name, Hussein."

Watch below: