'It's self care': The View's Sara Haines breaks into hysterics over 'Toobin issue'
The View's Sara Haines can't stop laughing (Photo: Screen capture)

"The View" co-host Sara Haines tried to keep her composure when the panel of women were discussing the unfortunate story of New Yorker columnist and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who was seen masturbating during a Zoom call.

Toobin, who has since said he thought his camera was off and apologized, has taken a leave of absence from CNN and was suspended from the New Yorker.

It was all too much for Haines to take, though, as her eyes watered trying to hold in her laughter.

It began with a serious discussion by Sunny Hostin, who previously worked with Toobin, about whether it was addictive behavior or an accident. She ultimately called for an investigation.

"What do you make of this turn of events," co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked as Haines' shoulders could be seen bouncing as she held in laughter.

"I usually give women a lot of credit for multi-tasking," Haines began. "This is a gear switch I could leave only to a man. This was during an election -- it's the most -- I'm sorry."

Haines then had to pause and try and compose herself again.

"This was during an election simulation, which is the most unsexy thing I've ever heard of. I'm not going to be able to unsee this. I very much miss the days when Jennifer went to the bathroom and forgot to turn off her camera. I'm so sorry. I know there's a lot of seriousness to this topic," she said again, trying not to laugh. "It's just really hard because I can't fathom a situation where this was the option A and B. So I'm petrified of my computer camera. I don't know if you remember, Whoopi, when you used to tell us put something over that. I tape my cameras and -- this is not a mistake I think happens easily. This is also why I'm grateful that Joy waits until 12:01 to take off her bra."

In a previous discussion, Behar said that she only wears a bra to do the show and that the minute the cameras turn off she takes it off.

Twitter users watching the show noted that Haines' inability to contain her laughter was exactly what they needed for a good chuckle on Tuesday.

In all seriousness, Hostin spoke out against sexualizing the workplace and Goldberg asked why no one shouted, "Hey, Jeffrey, we can see you!"

See the video below: