John Bolton: 'Trump will not leave graciously if he loses'
Trump Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock John Bolton photo by Christopher Halloran

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton told CNN's Jake Tapper that he doesn't anticipate President Donald Trump will go quietly if he loses in November.

Speaking to Tapper as part of a special on former Trump officials who have turned against him, Bolton confessed that he doesn't have faith in the president's maturity to move forward after a loss.

"I think the Defense Department is in good hands with [Mark] Esper and [Mark] Milley," said Bolton. "I have no concerns as long as they're still in office. Let's be clear: Trump will not leave graciously if he loses. He will not leave graciously. Whether he carries it to the extreme, I don't think we know. It is -- it is very troubling that he has said, 'I can't lose unless there's fraud.' Of course, he can lose in an honest election. And I think this is really on the leadership of the party, elected officials, private citizens. If it is clear, what the outcome is, it is up to Republicans, not Democrats, to say, 'This is on us. He has to go.'"

See Bolton's comments in the video below: