John Oliver mocks compliment on Trump's smile at town hall: Like someone dropped dentures into a jack-o-lantern
Photo: Screen capture

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver summed up this week's faux presidential debate town hall by showcasing the only joyous moment for President Donald Trump: when a lady said he had a nice smile.

"It was supposed to be a town hall with the two, but after Trump pulled out, NBC rewarded Trump with a full hour to himself, which is, if nothing else, very much on-brand for them," Oliver said, showing a promotional shot of "The Apprentice."

During the debate, the only high point for the president was when a woman told him how handsome he was when he smiled.

"Is he?" Oliver asked. "Is he really? I'm not quite so sure about that unless by handsome you mean looks like someone dropped their dentures into a jack-o-lantern on Nov. 14. In which case, you are absolutely right. The man's got a smile that can light up a cross."

As high points go, however, that was about all Trump got, because the next question out of the woman's mouth was about whether he would allow immigrants like her parents to flee Nazis or if he'd continue to persecute asylum seekers.

See Oliver's opener below: