Kamala Harris tells The View that Biden’s DOJ would be free to decide whether or not to prosecute Trump
Photo: Screen capture

If President Donald Trump is indicted, it won't be because of a President Joe Biden, explained Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in an interview with "The View" on Monday. If Trump is charged with crimes, it'll be because of an independent Justice Department's investigations.

"You said a Harris Justice Department would have no choice but to pursue criminal charges against Trump for let's say obstruction of justice," said host Sunny Hostin. "Would the same go for a Biden Department of Justice? Do you support a Trump prosecution?"

Harris explained she and Biden intend to give the DOJ their power to operate independently outside of the president, as it did before the Trump/Bill Barr era.

"First of all, there is a huge difference between Joe Biden and my perspective on the Department of Justice and Donald Trump," Harris explained. "We will not have a Department of Justice that conducts itself as the personal lawyer of the president such as the way Donald Trump has done. And whoever leads the Department of Justice if we win is someone who will be independent and will make the decisions based on whatever in their discretion with the facts and they have without any interference from the white house, period."

Harris went on to say that things may look good for their campaign, but that she expects it to come down to the wire and they're certainly "not measuring for drapes" just yet.

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