Katie Couric calls out TV networks for getting ‘played’ by Trump’s White House: ‘I find it infuriating’
Veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric (screengrab).

President Donald Trump on Monday made sure the press was ready for his triumphant discharge from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he's been hospitalized for the last three nights.

Trump gave the press almost four hours of warning that he would be headed back to the White House.

Trump wanted his leaving the hospital to be "dramatic."

Veteran journalist Katie Couric noted it was covered by the big networks.

"All three networks just handed their entire broadcasts to an extended photo op for [Trump]. Thoughts?" she asked.

"Honestly I find it infuriating," she continued.

"Why didn’t anyone have the balls to say we are not doing this?" she wondered. "Please network executives. You were just played."