Leader of effort to recall Wisconsin governor boasts she plans to 'make up' lies to trick the media

On Monday, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Misty Polewczynski, the leader of the effort to recall Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI), boasted on Facebook that she plans to make up lies and misdirections to trick the media trying to cover their plans.

"'I'm going to do an interview this afternoon and will probably make up some crap to tell them,' Misty Polewczynski wrote Monday on Facebook in an exchange about who should run against Evers. 'I like when they look dumb. Plus they've drug my name through the mud,'" reported Patrick Marley and Molly Beck. "In an earlier post, she discredited figures she had provided to the Racine Journal Times. 'I would not pay attention to that number given to them!' she wrote to backers of the recall effort after one person noted a story on the recall effort got the number of signatures collected from Polewczynski."

Polewczynski, who was convicted of forgery, check fraud, and bail jumping in the mid-aughts, is mounting the recall effort "because she didn't believe Evers did enough in response to looting and arson in Kenosha following a police shooting," and because she opposes the state COVID-19 restrictions. The recall drive began in August.

In an email to the Journal Sentinel, Polewczynski denied lying about the number of signatures. She also deleted the post saying she would "make up some crap" about who would run for governor in the recall.

Evers has been a frequent target of right-wing ire for his COVID-19 restrictions, many of which have been dismantled by right-wing state courts.