Mary Trump is 'astonished' nobody is doing anything to stop her uncle
Mary Trump on MSNBC (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's niece said she is "astonished" nobody is doing anything to rein in her uncle.

MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber interviewed Mary Trump on Thursday.

"We haven't gotten the real story from this White House or the doctors at Walter Reed since the beginning of this," she said. "As far as I understand it, we still don't know when he last tested negative or his last test before the positive test, which is crucial information if you care about the well being of other human beings."

"You know, Donald is going to put the best face on this no matter what, so i don't know when we'll actually know how he's feeling or what the course of this illness has been, but the fact that he's talking about holding rallies is just another endless stream of selfish acts that -- you know, selfish isn't even a good enough word. It's unspeakable at this point the lack of concern for the people around him and I'm not entirely sure," she explained.

"I continue to be astonished nobody is trying to put a stop to this," she noted.