Mary Trump sheds light on the president's bizarre pattern of psychological projection
Mary Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's niece, psychologist Mary Trump, appeared Friday on CNN to discuss her uncle's behavior during the recent president debate.

CNN host Anderson Cooper noted that Tony Schwartz, who is best known for ghostwriting "Trump: The Art of the Deal," has said "that when the president attacks people, the words he uses, the attacks he wages against other people are really things that are true about himself."

The CNN host said a similar dynamic was at play during the final presidential debate when Trump attacked Biden as being part of an organized crime family.

"It is amazing how much projection there is and I don't know if that's the term," Cooper said.

"It is the term," Mary Trump said. "It had gotten to the point where I started to think that Donald Trump was actually desperate to tell people the truth of who he really is but he can't quite get over the line -- so he projects. I had that sense last night when he said he took responsibility but it was all China's fault. You know, couldn't quite get there."

"His acceptance of responsibility lasted as long as a lifetime of fruit fly," Cooper remarked.

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