'More evidence of a coverup': CNN's Stelter buries Kayleigh McEnany for 'outrageous' COVID spin
Kayleigh McEnany holds White House briefing (C-SPAN/screen grab)

CNN's Brian Stelter on Monday buried White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for continuing to interact with reporters without wearing a mask even after she'd been exposed repeatedly to the novel coronavirus.

While discussing McEnany's positive COVID-19 test, Stelter said that many White House reporters were furious at how cavalier McEnany and other White House staffers have been about a disease that so far has killed 210,000 Americans.

"I don't want to kick somebody when they're down or sick, but her conduct was outrageous," Stelter said. "It is more evidence of a coverup, more evidence of denialism at the White House, until you start coughing and can't deny it any more."

Stelter took particular exception to McEnany describing herself as an "essential worker" in her announcement that she contracted the disease.

"I think the idea she's an essential worker is an insult to truck drivers, delivery workers, grocery clerks that are essential workers," he said. "We know that Kayleigh McEnany can work from home like other press aides. Once again, the White House is more and more paralyzed by the virus."

Watch the video below.